About Aardvark Home Inspections

In 1969 a young boy of barely 15 set out to learn all he could about the building industry, initially working for a company known today as ERCO Ceilings. That is where Sam Flamma began to learn the ins and outs of construction, moving quickly through the art of installing celings, drywall, spackling, metal stud work, etc.

He found himself in the Vietnam War from 1972 thru 1975. While in the U.S. Airforce he continued to learn and develop his skills at assessing structural problems and designs. Immediately following his discharge he received his degree in Fire Science Technology where a large portion of his education was in the construction and inspection(RCS) field. He continued his construction business and soon became one of the area's premiere custom remodelers and home builders [NJ LICENSE # 5249], while of course inspecting homes when inspections were not the large industry it is today.

Presently, Sam owns and operates Aardvark Home Inspections and performs all of the company's inspections himself. Sam limits his inspections to just one per day and allows as much time as necessary to properly complete the inspection. Sam does NOT accept any remodeling or repair work as a result of any of his inspections.

Sam currently teaches new inspectors and is a Certified Inspector[Gold Rating] with the American Society of Home Inspectors [# 205351], is currently licensed in New Jersey[24GI100015800] and is a licensed Radon Measurement Technician [MET 11030] for the State of New Jersey. Sam is approved by the New Jersey courts as an expert and has given expert testimony in many cases.

Sam's message is simple: "If you want personal attention and the benefit of more than 40 years' experience, put your trust in me. I am fully aware that when people buy a home, they are making the largest single investment they might make in their lives. I don't take that lightly, and when I am finished inspecting your home you will know all there is to know about that home BEFORE you buy it...you have my guarantee...you have my word."






What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a complete examination of the construction and a visual assessment of the house. Before you buy a house, co-op, or condominium, you should have it inspected by a reputable and experienced company. This "bargaining tool" does not hold up any potential settlement date; It is meant to give you peace of mind about the investment you are making.

Why do I need a home inspection?

First-time buyers and experienced homeowners lack the knowledge of a professional home inspector. I am trained to detect any potential problems with the home's condition, before you buy.

Do I need to be there?

It is a good idea to be present during the inspection. Feel free to ask questions and familiarize yourself with aspects of the home that you may not be aware of. Sam does not permit any other people that have a vested interest in the sale of the property [Realtors, Sellers etc.] to follow him around during the inspection. 

Who gets the results of the inspection?

This inspection is completely confidential. No one gets the results without the permission of the customer.

How long does the inspection take?

The average time it takes to fully inspect a house is 3 to 4 hours. It does, however, depend on the size and condition of the structure.




We Go the Extra Mile!!!

" Now you can relax, you have ME on the job."